A twelve-week pilot of the Ostrii platform was implemented in partnership with Joy For Humanity Uganda and Lwengo District Business Council, in which local facilitators were trained to deliver financial education trainings amongst 1,412 individuals in Lwengo District, Uganda.

Lwengo is a district in Central Uganda, with our pilot project focusing on two sub-counties within the district: Kyazanga and Malongo.

Globally, evidence shows that financial literacy is a key driver in communities’ social-economic development. However, traditional methods of delivery, which involve workshops and the production of brochures, leaflets and manuals often lack effectiveness due to the following factors:

  1. High cost to scale
  2. Engagement of content for target group
  3. A lack of standardisation in the content delivered by community agents
  4. Difficulty in measuring the success and behaviour change of interventions.

Ostrii was developed to revolutionise the way that education is delivered to rural communities through innovations in content creation and delivery. Content on the platform was co-created with a global network of Inclusion Ambassadors and adapted for use in the pilot project in the local language of Luganda.

VSLA groups in Lwengo District were trained on topics including saving, budgeting, responsible credit and agricultural insurance.

Results from the pilot can be found below, along with a project documentary: