Ostrii is the offline training App for the village champions of local partners directly serving the smallholder farmers that feed our world.

The Ostrii Platform

Where does the name Ostrii come from?

The platform is named Ostrii due to the fact that the ostrich has the largest eye of any land animal and is also one of the fastest birds. This is symbolic of the vision of Rural Inclusion to be able to see far and reach far into previously underserved communities.

Who uses Ostrii?

Ostrii is used by village champions of our local partners to train smallholder farmers. Village champions include lead farmers and field agents who live in the community and provide essential services to farmer groups and are a critical way to deliver information for communities with low access to smartphones.

Village champions using Ostrii access the solution through our local partners, including NGOs, Agribusinesses and financial institutions.

Why is Ostrii a unique training tool?

  • Ostrii features curriculums of animated videos in local languages developed in-house by Rural Inclusion.
  • These animated videos assist beneficiaries to learn in an engaging way despite low literacy levels.
  • The use of videos also reduces misinformation in the communities on critical topics.
  • Our local Inclusion Ambassador teams support partners.
  • Ostrii is available offline, meaning that training can still be delivered in remote communities without access to the internet.
  • Videos on Ostrii only use an average of 8MB storage whilst maintaining HD quality.
  • Ostrii reduces the need to print training materials, providing an environmental benefit.


  • Financial Education
  • Building Climate Resilience (SOON)
  • More Topics and Countries in 2024