Rural Inclusion collaborates with several development partners on innovative digital training projects for rural communities.

Organisations leverage on Rural Inclusion’s expertise, access to the award-winning Ostrii platform and in-house creative teams to design, develop and deliver training curriculums to target communities.


Ostrii is an award-winning offline mobile application developed by Rural Inclusion used by partners for community-based agents to effectively deliver training and monitor impact in rural communities.

Where does the name Ostrii come from?

The platform is named Ostrii due to the fact that the ostrich has the largest eye of any land animal and is also one of the fastest birds. This is symbolic of the vision of Rural Inclusion to be able to see far and reach far into previously underserved communities.

Digital Curriculum Development

Rural Inclusion also digital curriculums using 2D and 3D animation in local languages for partners, through our in-house creative team and sector experts.

Example of Animation

Unlike a traditional animation studio, Rural Inclusion has a large team of sector experts, ranging from climate action, to financial inclusion, agriculture and healthcare.

Rural Inclusion also have an in-house team of creative professionals, specialising in animation, illustration and scriptwriting.

Highlight Projects

Delivering financial literacy to 10,000 refugees in Uganda with Opportunity International UK

In 2023, OIUK partnered with Rural Inclusion to provide the Ostrii platform to the financial inclusion officers on the project supporting local groups in Nakivale and Rwamwanja Refugee Settlements in Uganda up to December 2025.

A financial literacy curriculum developed in Kinyarwanda and Kiswahili is used by the Financial Inclusion Officers to deliver training offline and collect data through surveys and quizzes on the Ostrii platform.

Reducing mobile money fraud in underserved communities in Africa with Airtel Africa, Caritas Malawi and IIITB

Rural Inclusion are a leading a consortium with support from Royal Academy of Engineering under the Frontiers Programme to test and examine a digital training approach to reducing mobile money fraud in Malawi.

Through the project, Rural Inclusion are developing short animated films to re-create common mobile money fraud scenarios, with the Ostrii platform used by local partners in the project to deliver training to community groups and conduct research on behaviour change.

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